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Holding Tank

There is some deconstruction involved to get at this one. It can't be helped. The existing tank is GRP and holds only 18 gallons. The hose fittings are bronze and show some signs of leaking. The only way to remove this tank will require cutting some furniture. 

The location of the holding tank also adds to the problem. A new location that offers shorter lengths of tubing might be worth the trouble. This odd shaped area is just forward of the shower and very close to the overboard discharge sea-cock. 

Well that's one idea but, there are other ways to reduce the amount of plumbing.

This where the new fresh water head can go using the original mounting holes. The toilet can be reversed which would further reduce the hose run to the holding tank. Still thinking about that at the moment. Also, because the tank has two discharge ports, there's no need to have a three-way valve. All blackwater will go directly to the holding tank. A diaphragm pump will be used for overboard discharge (when off shore).