As we have seen many times now, maintenance on Veritas was low on the priority list. Two items were noted on the survey. First that the windlass motor had rust on the case and secondly the main switch indicator light was not working. The switch was in poor condition and difficult to operate so we replaced it. Then we found that the clutch would not allow the chain to fall under its own weight. Then we checked the manual. There maintenance items that should be occur regularly.

We are pretty sure that it has been neglected for at least 3 years.

While the windlass was working, we found that the clutch did not operate freely when loosed, the motor had significant amount of rust on tha case and, the gearbox was leaking oil. When removing the gearbox we also found that the spacer tube was badly corroded. We were not able to obtain the correct replacement part. The threads in the bolt holes were compromised and it was unlikely would support the proper torque the reassembled. So, rather than bolting it from the top we inserted bolts from inside and epoxied them into place. Making them studs or captive bolts.

The motor was cleaned and painted. We also noticed that the bonding ground wire was connected to the battery negative terminal. This may have contributed to the corrosion of the aluminum spacer as the motor ground isolated. In effect making the aluminum spacer tube a sacrificial anode for the steel and bronze parts of the windlass. The bonding wire was relocated to one of the windlass mounting bolts.

The gearbox was serviced by Marine Electric Systems in Annapolis. The oil and seals were replaced.

There is probably more we could do. However, we save that for another time. Though, we did replace the decal on the clutch nut.