October 30, 2023 Hampton

Made it to Hampton in up to 25kt winds on the nose. Bit of a bouncy ride. Had to zigzag some to make it tolerable. Caramel wasn't too sure about it early on, then we found a secure spot for her in the back cabin and she felt better. It was about a 6-hour day. Got a lovely T spot on B dock at Hampton Yacht Club and fought the wind through MANY attempts (see photo of our routing) before getting help from HYC staff. 

About 80 degrees here today and will be nearly 30 degrees cooler tomorrow. We had a nice dinner at HYC and walked Caramel some. Myles ran into a diver who was cleaning boats bottoms and signed him up to do ours. The diver said our paint was doing REALLY well and that any (few) barnacles or other critters came off the bottom of the boat very easily. Zincs are all good. Nice to get this done and have an assessment of status.

I can hear the wind starting to pick up now, and there is definitely a front going through. Actual Fall weather is arriving. Unfortunately, it will be chilly for the little goblins tomorrow night.