Whisker Tangs

Work on this will wait until we get some of the open task done (and hopefully Veritas is back in the water). Still it brings up the "build vs. design" topic. Difficult to access is always an issue on boats. So, knowing that checking and rebedding the whisker tangs is a job that needs to be done, we opened up the trim inside to take a look. We found a mishmash of foam insulation, fiberglass and epoxy covering the backing plates. Oh yes, and rotten plywood on top of that.

On the Facebook 'Robert Perry, Yacht Designer, Fan Club' Robert Perry commented "Yeah, I can't understand why they buried the backing plate like that."

Uncovering the Ta Shing wonders (actually Ta Yang). Earlier Baba's and Tashiba's had a small cabinet in this area to allow access. We are not sure how we will repair the damage required.

Access to this small CNC router is proving to be a great benefit. Replacing the 1/8" SS backing plates with 1/4" G-10 becomes relatively easy as we get better at using this machine.