There are eight mooring cleats on Veritas. They were not lose; however, the six larger cleats are mounted on cored deck without any backing plates. So we invested the effort adding 1/4" G-10 backing plates to each cleat. At the same time new 316 SS screws were used.

The stern cleats are installed on the hull deck joint. Adding the backing plate provided a more even surface. They are smaller than the other six mooring cleats.

Accessing the aft cleats involved some cabinetry work as well. Here in the galley, the header had to be removed and some of the supporting timbers needed to be cut away.

No worries, it's all hidden away.

Only the midship cleats were easy to access.

At the bow the cleats stradle the chain locker bulkhead. This bulkhead was tabbed in at the deck along with the fasteners for the cleats. Cutting away the glass was a job I put off for a long time. When I finally got to it was not that bad.

All considered this was bit high on the effort scale. Although, it helps to feel more secure that the cleats are less likely to be ripped out of the deck when docked during a storm.