Fuel Filters

The filters shown in the piucture above are in a difficult location at the foot of the companion way just above the bilge sump. While technically good, being at the level of the fuel tank it is difficult to check and drain the water bowls. As well as change filter elements. Not to mention the confusion of operating four valves to switch filters.

The new location is just above the engine in the companion way (now technical) cabinet. Also, check the latest pictures of the bilge sump to see how this space is now more accessible.

The old filter setup proved to be a disposal issue. By placing it next to the dumpster at the boat yard it may have found a new home.

There are some potential problem areas with the new arangement. First the new location is now avove the fuel tank. This adds 3.5 inHg head to reach the filter inlet (tank half full). This may make difficult to maintain prime when the engine is not in use. Racor recomends adding a check valve on the inlet line to avoid this.

Second, the Carter fuel pump, can used to polish the fuel or prime the system. However, the design of this filter still requires that the canisters be topped of manualy. Something, we had hoped to avoid.

Veritas was not fitted with a shut-off valve at the fuel tank. This was added and will be closed when the engine is not in use rather than adding a check valve.