Tank Vents

This turned out to be just one more source water intrusion and some maintenance was required. There are four tanks on Veritas, two for fresh water, a small holding tank, and large fuel tank. The vent pipes are custom made from stainless steel.

The vents were installed by simply drilling a hole through the coach roof and bedding the pipe in the hole with calking. Once the calking fails the balsa core is exposed. Once the vents were removed the holes were cleaned up, filled with epoxy and recut. This will protect the balsa core.

The stainless steel holding tank vent was purforated from the gassious products of anarobic digestion and had to be replaced. The most practical solution was PVC water pipe.

The vent pipes were rebedded into the coach roof using the infamous 3m 5200. The clamshell covers were cleaned and reinstalled.

Only the three portside vents were completed. The starboard watertank vent was left for another day.