March 24, 2024 Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands

We left Chub Cay on March 20th heading toward the northern part of the Berry Islands. We spent one night at anchor on the Grand Bahama Bank in 15 feet of water with no land in sight, which was a very strange feeling. The next day we arrived in the Bay of Five Pirates in Bullock Harbour at Great Harbour Cay. Our goal was to be in a protected anchorage for the upcoming strong wind and storms. Thankfully our anchor held and this harbour kept us from experiencing the highest winds. We did see one motorboat drag anchor and run aground, and they were able to get back. The town provided an opportunity for some provisioning. 

We’re heading out of the Bahamas tomorrow and aiming to arrive in Brunswick, GA in about 3 days. We’re leaving from Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands and heading northwest. It’s our longest passage yet, and the weather looks cooperative. If it gets rough we will turn in and go straight across to Florida, then go north when we can.