November 28, 2023 Charleston SC

Still recovering from the offshore sail, we took it easy this morning. Once we got going, we sprayed down the entire deck, cockpit, canvas and lines to clean off the salt. Myles went up the mast to retrieve the stay sail halyard and we'll find or buy a new shackle tomorrow. 

We spent the afternoon walking around Charleston - such a beautiful city - and saw some fun things. We happened to walk by Hyman's Seafood Restaurant, critically acclaimed and #6 on tasteatlas' "list of the 150 best legendary restaurants worldwide" with hundreds of celeb photos on the walls and nameplates on the tables showing who sat there before.  They were handing out hot, fresh hush puppies when we walked by and we almost passed but then turned around. We were hooked (yes, we're easy!) We went in for a late lunch/early dinner. Our waiter, Clifton, was thoroughly entertaining and kept showing up with complimentary items. The lightly jerk-seasoned crab-stuffed grouper was delicious and the service was fantastic. 

We covered 8.5 miles, so we're relaxing tonight!