January 4, 2024 Spanish Cay

After a day at anchor at Great Sale Cay to rest up, we traveled about 40 miles to Spanish Cay. The island is under 3 miles long and 1/2 mile wide, a beautiful, quiet, scenic little spot. Here we could easily and quickly check into Customs and Immigration. We arrived around 3:30 and could get the check-in process done before they closed at 4pm. There are only a handful of boats here, although the marina is large and includes a nice restaurant, bar and game room, pool, and hot tub. Stunning views everywhere you look, and a few nice beach areas. What's sad is the amount of trash that gets washed up on shore with the tide. 

I had a nice run this morning to the other end of the Cay, and we all walked much of the island this afternoon. Winds are increasing, and we will likely wait out the winds and leave Sunday morning. Conch is a major seafood item here, and the shells are everywhere. The water is amazingly clear and you can easily see the bottom at 12 feet deep near the dock.