November 7, 2023 Oriental NC

A 42-mile day today in light to moderate winds. Some channel motoring and a short time motor-sailing. Came into Oriental, NC and into the harbor but found it somewhat crowded and shallow. Went back outside of the harbor and anchored. A dinghy ride into the city docks. Lots of shrimp boats here! We walked a mile to a restaurant that claimed outdoor seating on their website (Caramel was with us) only to find they have never had outdoor seating. Walked back to the harbor area and had an early dinner at M&M Cafe. Crossed paths with Cambridge neighbor Bob Caverly as we were leaving the restaurant. They were headed to the same place for dinner (at a more normal hour). Picked up scones and muffins for tomorrow's breakfast at The Bean. Off to Beaufort, NC tomorrow where we will stay for up to a week. We have some boat parts being shipped there for a couple of repairs. We will do laundry and get the bikes out to pick up some supplies and groceries.