s/v Skylark a 1985 Cape Dory 36, our previous boat.

s/v Veritas is a Tashiba 40. She was built with purpose and her lines evolved from earlier designs of Bob Perry. Resulting in a traditional appearance, that works, is seaworthy and kind. Although most of the Tashiba's were built by the Ta Shing Yacht Building Company in Tainan, Taiwan. The last two, were built by the Ta Yang Yacht Building Company in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

First know as the Baba 40 and then as the Panda 40 there are several variations. The Tashiba used a different deck mold than the Baba and Panda. The coach top sides are sloped to open up the interior slightly and there are only five ports. Its not clear who made this change. Bob Perry does not claim the change; prefering more working deck area.

Ta Shing Tashiba 40

Clipped from an old sales video in 2015

Time Lapse at the Cambridge Yacht Club