s/v Skylark you taught me many lessons. I will miss you.

The plan is coming together. The paperwork is complete and the work begins. s/v Veritas, from Seattle, has a new hailing port, Eastport. It's time for new rigging, chainplates and, a list details that will keep us busy for the next two years. Like any home it will be a labor of love. Someplace in all that, there will be time to enjoy the Chesapeake.

For now this site will document progress on the boat and crew as the long list of projects are completed. From small to large much is gained by sharing what we find and learn.

Watch for scope creep. Yes, it happens on boats all the time. It is not always best to yearn for the latest item found at the last boat show. So, keep the goals in mind. That is, simplicity, reliability and, safety. Meanwhile, let's see if we can install the air conditioning while no-one is looking.

s/v Veritas is a Tashiba 40. She was built with purpose and her lines evolved from earlier designs of Bob Perry. Resulting in a traditional appearance, that works, is seaworthy and kind. Although most of the Tashiba's were built by the Ta Shing Yacht Building Company in Tainan, Taiwan. The last two, were built by the Ta Yang Yacht Building Company in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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Ta Shing Tashiba 40