November 10, 2023 Beaufort NC

We rode our bikes into the town and along the water for several beautiful miles. On the way back to the boardwalk we located Beaufort Bicycle Shop, which was a guy's home and garage that was well-equipped with a workshop and a small parts sales area that had just what we needed - some flat pedals for Myles and a new bike light for me. We ventured into the boardwalk area, stopped at the National Park Service building and learned about ferry trips out to Shackleford Banks and the barrier islands, which we plan to take in tomorrow. We visited the boat building shop, too. As the temp dropped and the wind kicked up we found napping (Myles) and reading (Carol) to be the activities of choice, Ended the day with our weekly virtual Happy Hour with friends that has been our tradition since March of 2020, a sideways benefit of the pandemic.