March 10, 2024 Cape Eleuthera

From Governor's Harbour we sailed to Rock Sound further down Eleuthera where we spent 5 nights at anchor. We checked out the Ocean Hole, a blue hole about 75 ft deep and connected to the ocean through underground tunnels. We visited Cathedral Caves about a mile outside of town. Not sure what to expect, we were surprised at their size and beauty. We found Wild Orchids to be our favorite restaurant in town. A nearly two-mile walk across the island brought us to the Pink Sands Beach which was beautiful. 

The excitement for me was catching fish from the boat for the first time. They were small mutton and pigfish (I think) and they went back in the water, but it was fun. We also took in the local Friday Fish Fry which was quite the festive event. I went ahead and got the fish (Myles had chicken) even knowing is was a whole fried fish just to do 'the thing.'

Today we sailed a few hours to Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina in the southwest of Eleuthera. We're staying in the marina for a few days to enjoy the beaches - one for sunrise and one for sunset - and get fuel and water. WE'll also get to do some running! 

Coming into the marina and tying off in the slip was a challenge and the posts were difficult to reach. I put on a swimsuit and was ready to get in the water to carry our lines around the posts when Myles yelled "don't get in the water" from the other side of the boat. I looked over the side to see a 6 ft shark swimming under the boat! We don't know what kind and they may not be harmful, but I wasn't going in the water!