January 8, 2024 Green Turtle Cay

We decided to leave Spanish Cay on Saturday (1/6) and head to Green Turtle Cay. It was windy, and our departure from the dock, as well as to the fuel dock and then out altogether, was challenging to say the least. Our trip to GTC was nearly directly upwind so we motor-sailed with a reefed main sail. Once here, we anchored where the charts indicated "fair holding" and made sure we weren't dragging in spite of the wind. Sunday brought the opportunity to bring out, inflate, and take the dinghy ashore in just barely passable waters. We walked around the VERY quiet (maybe just because it was Sunday?) and quaint town, including the pink jailhouse, until we found Pineapples Bar & Grill, an outdoor restaurant overlooking the harbor. 

When we returned to the dinghy we realized our mistake. We had not pulled the dinghy far enough on the beach, though it was well-tied to a dock, and the waves at high tide filled the dinghy with water, which caused our life jackets to self-inflate. Myles bailed water and I pulled to help get it farther up the beach. Rather than enjoy the local Sundowners Bar, which was just opening, we decided to go back to the boat before dark. Apart from needing new CO2 cartridges for the life jackets, we are back in working order albeit manual rather than automatic. 

Waiting out the wind Monday & Tuesday (1/8-9) on the boat ar anchor before we can go back ashore and explore GTC a bit more.