We can refer you many articles on propane safety. So, I will refain from expanding on that topic. Instead let's just talk about what we found on Veritas and what we did.

When Veritas was built copper tube was used for the LPG line. This is not uncommon and as long as the tubing is in good condition it is not a problem. Some time after the survey. however, we found that PVC water hose was used as a replacement for the original rubber hose connection to the stove.

A simple and significant problem that should should have been discovered.

The propane locker drain fitting was noted in the survey. It should be cleaned and cheched or replaced.

We replaced the copper tubing with a new rubber hose. It is one continous 25' length with factory installed fittings. The regulator was also replaced a two stage regulator allowing both gas bottles to be connected.