November 16, 2023 Southport, NC

We left Wrightsville Beach around 10am and arrived in Southport, NC mid-afternoon after a mostly uneventful motoring day. There were some challenging moments where Myles was unintentionally playing chicken with a erratically-behaving dredge, as well as battling some wild currents. Apart from that the day went fine. We passed two large cranes credited with being the cranes used for shooting Ironman movie stunts. 

On arrival at Southport Marina we fueled up and pumped out (emptying the head tank for those unfamiliar) at the first dock, then proceeded to our dock for the duration of our multi-day stay here. Docking is always a stressful event even for those very skilled at it. Temps peaked near seventy degrees today, and similar weather expected the next few days. We took a long walk with Caramel where Myles noted some of his favorite nostalgic spots from his previous stays here, then went to the infamous Fishy Fishy Cafe for dinner. We were able to sit outside and watch the sunset - who knew this was possible in mid-November? - and had a wonderful dinner.