January 17, 2024 Great Guana Cay

Spending the week here in Great Guana Cay enjoying the beach, restaurants, shops, and just walking a lot. Unable to get access to the local marina to do laundry (we offered to pay the same fee their guests pay, or more), we have been hand washing clothes on the boat (definitely bringing the visual appeal of the anchorage down a notch with our clothes hanging all over the boat to dry). The marina seems to fancy itself a high-end place with a gated community and all that - not a place for the likes of us I guess. Peacocks...really? The other end of the island has an even fancier marina and golf club for the very rich and famous (Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, definitely not our crowd...)

The beach on the Atlantic side, a short walk across the narrow island, is expansive and it's interesting to see it under a range of wind conditions and directions. All the restaurants are outdoors and pet-friendly. Of course, we have enjoyed the "world famous" Nipper's bar & Grill.